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You are living in beautiful Bolton area and if you are in need of

Junking your car, Junk Car Removal, dispose of your car, Cash for Cars or you want to get rid of your scrap car

while making money on it then please text or call at (416)856-1294 and one of our well trained tow truck drivers will come to you and tow away your car. You will get best value for your junk car.

We speak Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and English

BOLTON  is a beautiful neighborhood situated in Ontario, Canada. It is part of the town of Caledon, located in the Region of Peel. Bolton is almost 50 KM far from Toronto on northwest side. It is a Rural Community and it has approximately 27000 residents. Bolton was formally known as Bolton Mills and it was founded in 1822. It took name after James Bolton who helped to build a flour mill for one of his relatives named George Bolton. Bolton had population of 700 residents by 1857 and it was not expanded until mid of 1970s. The Suburban housing development started from King Street up to 15th Side road. Bolton started booming in population and industries in late 1980s and currently most populated area in the Caledon town.

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Junk Car Removal